Deerhound racing across the beach inspired piece
Stag making it's escape
Capturing the alertness of the greyhound in static pose


Unique, Bespoke and personal


Inspired by Nature, watching wildlife, along with her close association with various breeds of dogs and horses, Jean takes her inspiration and works her magic creating sculptures that are dynamic and fluid, showing animals at their very best.

If you like what you see, why not contact Jean to find out more, or see if she can create a unique sculpture to immortalise your pet or animal.

All current art work is for sale and commissions are available, please contact Jean for further information via the website.

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Jean is inspired by watching animals in motion.

It can be a deliberate investigation, or a moment in time spotted whilst watching animals moving.

For example, the ‘Deerhounds at Play’ were inspired by glimpsing her deerhounds charging round the field, and spinning around playing with each other - The ‘Labrador retrieving a Pheasant’ is based on her grandson’s dog.

She also works from photographs to back up her ideas, and researches anatomical studies. Once an idea begins to form, she then does large scale working drawings to try out variations of the idea until she is happy with the composition.

At that point she then constructs a metal armature to support the sculpture whilst she is modelling it. Her preferred mediums are clay or wax, depending on scale and complexity. Once completed they are produced in small editions in Bronze (usually 3, but occasionally up to 9) and Bronze Resin (usually 12 but sometimes 25).

She can accept Commissions for individual animals, her most recent being 'Podge', a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

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